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Debi's new album "Deep Tracks" is a sampling of Deep Tracks in every sense:  from past tracks (& technology!) never released, live tracks tucked away in the vaults, a few tracks buried deep on other releases, to new tracks delving into deeper thoughts and topics.  

Songs include:  "Different," a song inspired by Debi's son with autism and the great minds that think differently; "Grandma's Dust Bowl Diary," inspired by her Nebraskan Grandmother’s writings; "Caverns" about an un-beckoned memory; "The Garden," a healing meditation; "Gone, Gone," dedicated to the memory of Doc and Merle Watson (who gave Debi's sister Megan and her, The Smith Sisters, a start in their career) with inspiration from the Roches; "Comin' Home," about a drive home from touring;  "The Bodhran Lesson Song," Debi's Bodhran history, complete with lesson; an early Smith Sisters recording; and "Little Stars” with The Four Bitchin’ Babes.  Includes live recordings, special guests and musicians such as Al Petteway, Mike Auldridge, Merle Watson, Sam Bush, Billy Kemp, Marcy Marxer, Megon McDonough, Billy Kemp, T. Michael Coleman, The Four Bitchin' Babes and more.

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Cover "Portrait of Debi" by Lee Jaworek.   Lee's website: www.LeeJaworek.com


1.  Different (guitar/bass/piano: Debi)

2.  Grandma's DustBowl Diary (guitar: Debi Smith, Al Petteway)

3.  Caverns (guitar/bass/percussion: Debi)

4.  Old River (piano: Debi)

5.  Over the Rainbow (live at the Birchmere; guitar: Billy Kemp)

6.  The Garden (guitar/bass/piano: Debi)

7.  Higher Ground (guitar: Debi; guitar, bass, percussion: Al Petteway)

8.  Intertwined (Live at the Birchmere; guitar: Debi; Four Bitchin' Babes-Sally Fingerett/piano, Megon McDonough, Camille West/vocals)

9.  Gone, Gone (with a nod and a prayer to Doc and Merle, and the Roches)(Debi: guitar, bass, vocals)

10.  The Bodhran Lesson Song (bodhrans: Debi)

11.  Comin' Home (live at Wolftrap; piano: Debi)

12.  Walk the Walk (guitar: Debi; Four Bitchin' Babes-Sally Fingerett, Nancy Moran, Deirdre Flint/vocals, Larry Cook/guitars, bass, percussion)

13.  I Got, You Got (Guitar: Debi, Merle Watson; The Smith Sisters/Megan Smith: bg vocals; Sam Bush: fiddle;  T. Michael Coleman: bass)

14. Shadow (guitar: Debi; bg vocals: Megon McDonough; Guitar: Larry Cook; bass: Gary Lunn; bells: Tom Roady; Rhonda Frascotti: violin; Trevor Handy: cello; Ken Matsuda: viola)

15. If You Don't Listen (guitar: Pat Buchanan, Steve Sheehan; keys: Tim Lauer; percussion: Paul Scholten; mandolin, fiddle: Tammy Rogers; bass: Doug Kahan; bg vocals: Ronn Price)

16.  Little Stars (guitar: Debi; keyboards/programming: Jeff Bova; guitars, mandolin, bass: T-Bone Wolk; Four Bitchin' Babes/Sally Fingerett, Megon McDonough, Camille West: bg vocals)

With special thanks to my husband Michael and my son Lee, Sally Fingerett and The Babes, Cathy Fink, Mike Monseur/Bias Studios, Shanachie, and the many venues, djs, sound artists and musicians with whom I have had the privilege of working, including Jim Robeson, County Q, Cue, North Star, Amerisound, Longview Farm, Ronn Price, Merle Watson, and Dan Green.



All songs © Debi Smith, Degan Music/ASCAP

except Over the Rainbow, ©Arlen/Harburg/EMI Feist/ASCAP


1. "Different"


His head is always in the clouds

He talks to himself right out loud

Some say that he's a lunatic

Always talking 'bout physics

He sure stands out in a crowd


Don't you think it's rather odd

He actually believes in God

With all that science in his mind

You'd think he'd leave non-fact behind

Some say he is just a fraud


     He's just so different, it's hard to reconcile

     He's just so different, hardly ever cracks a smile

     He's just so different, I'm not sure why I care

     He's just so different, maybe I'm a little scared


All those equations bubbling up

Professors saying, wait, holdup

This guy with all the hair gone wild

One part genius one part child

Could go places, yeah, heads up (chorus)


     E equals MC squared - his brain's beyond compare

     You know behind that stare there's a heart in there somewhere


He won a Nobel prize today

It sure did not start out that way

He didn't do so well in school

Some thought that he was just a fool

Didn't give him the time of day


And now the world's a different place

He helped define our time and space

He never did figure out God

A few more years and measuring rod

Maybe he'd find amazing grace


     He's just so different - It's hard to reconcile

     When someone's different - Maybe walk the extra mile

     To bridge the distance - I'm not sure why we care

     When someone's different - Maybe we're a little scared



2. "Grandma's Dustbowl Diary"


My Grandma kept a diary about life on a Nebraska farm

Where alfalfa grew beside tassel corn, and wheat was in the barn

There was one pig she called Ermatrude, and a cow she named Old Roan

And a dog named Gypsy ran fast as light each night she called her home


The Red Cross rebuilt the house that they lost in the flood

One time Luther fell off his horse and got stuck in the mud

There were mashed potatoes and fresh baked pie and chicken frying in the pan

There were times she couldn't get hand cream, and used Crisco from the can


She handed a packet of papers to my mother one fall day

We were surprised to read the words that Grandma had to say    

On the back of a torn up paper, or an envelope she found

We know these things because Grandma took the time to write them down


The 1920s were good years, store-bought bread and city shops

In the 1930s the dust storms came, and the grasshoppers ate the crops

The '40s brought the world war, Sammy Kaye, and DDT

That seemed an answer to all their prayers, that, and electricity


When Grandma got too old, we had to auction off her place

And as she wandered 'round, she had a smile upon her face

The flashbulbs popped and the people talked as they bought her life-long goods

But she knew her things couldn't live on like her diary could


In the bare light of a hospital my Grandma died one night

Her mind was empty but her life was full, so she left without a fight

She knew she had passed along things she wanted to say    

And she found peace in knowing that when she died that day




There was a man I knew, who shook his head

Thought I deserted him, thought I was led

Knew what he did to me, saw but he didn't see

The fire, snow, and rain on me


Now I'm flying through these caverns, reflecting on the walls

Winding through cathedrals, contemplating hollow halls

Resting safe and sound, watching smoke whirl around

While pieces of my past lie broken on the ground


People telling me - which way to go

Some are false prophets - they talk too slow

Await a flash of light, to charm away the dark

And a bite that has no bark (chorus)


Hanging on a vision, I crash into his arms

Ignoring all reason, ignoring all alarms

Saying, "save me from what I don't know, save me from what I do

Save me from running too hard, save me from wanting you"


I can sense it now, in heat and dust

Rising, a bird of prey, from the must

A stirring in the grass, a careless, hungry hawk

And from the past, I see you walk (chorus)


4. "Old River"


Life, you big old river, laughing at our door

Wearing down our cobblestones, spilling on our floor

You're weeping in the cellar, you run our corridors

You trickle from the faucet we're trying to ignore


You carry us away, then, far from where we'd planned

We yearn to hold a compass as we lose sight of land

And just when we are thinking we have weathered all

We lose our way, we feel the spray, and face a water fall


Big old river, big old river

You thunder -- I shiver

You're a taker -- but a giver


When we fight you on the rapids, you heap more on top of more

And it's us against your current as we strain towards the shore

But quiet waters return, and answers they provide

When we let go the rudder, and roll in on your tide (chorus)



(5. Over the Rainbow)




6. "The Garden"


I am walking to a garden, spring is in the air

A haven drawing closer, peace is waiting there

I open up the garden gate, flowers everywhere

To the beauty of this garden, nothing can compare


I feel the grass beneath my feet; I feel a guiding hand

That leads me to a wooden bench on this little plot of land

I'm sitting in the garden and soon I am aware

The Spirit that has led me is also sitting there


And a light is shining 'round us

And love is in the light

And joy is in the peace

That's in the love, that's in the light


I feel the light around me filling me with calm

To all my aches and sorrows has been applied a balm

Soon the garden's glowing, the air a misty white

And joy is in the peace that's in the love that's in that light (ch.)


And when it's time for leaving, I quietly arise

I walk out the garden, and then I realize

That I am feeling stronger, the sun is shining bright

And I have the freedom to share its love and light




7. "Higher Ground"


Fear is such a lonely thing - difficult to fight

But you are like a ray of hope, turning that dark to light


When I am feeling down and out, you find me higher ground

And keep my eyes on what's ahead, instead of that rain comin' down


Ooh, star in the night

Ooh, a beacon fair, a guiding light


One hand behind the other pulls a heavy load

But running for cover won't pave a smoother road (refrain)


When it seems my world is crumbling, when it seems the end is near

You keep me running toward the light, and not just runnin' from fear




8. "Intertwined"


I don't know how I found you, I don't know why

Two blooms shining on a twisted vine

So our lives intertwine, so our lives intertwine


I'm not one for analyzing things that mystify

Two leaves spinning in a clear blue sky

So our lives intertwine, so our lives intertwine


It doesn't happen often that love feels this right

It never crossed my mind in my life it might

I won't argue with fate, why should I try


Thought our love seems out of season

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason

When I was ready you threw out the line

And our lives intertwined

And our lives intertwine




9. "Gone, Gone"


I can say nothing to make you come back

You're far away on an out of sight track

If I could have known I was saying good-bye

If I could have caught one last gleam in your eye


I see you now on that smoky hillside

Thumbs in your pockets a grin a mile wide

Oh how I wish I could know where you are

Oh how I wish I could see you once more


And now you're gone, gone, gone

And how I miss, I miss you


Your hands built houses, your hands fixed cars

Your hands played one hell of a slide guitar

You held an ax with a grip sure and strong

And you lived your life like an old mountain song (ch.)


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Your song lives on and breathes live into us

And if you'd ask me for one wish of mine

I'd ask you to play that song just one more time


And now you're gone, gone, gone

And how we miss you




10. "The Bodhran Lesson Song"


When I was in high school I was a majorette

Learning a skill that I thought I would forget

But off in the future one can never know

What might come in handy, or where your life will go


I started performing I joined and Irish band

They put a stick and a big drum in my hand

Here's a drum called the bodhran to play on Irish tunes

Hold tight to the stick or it will sail across the room


So I play the bodhran, a simple celtic drum

Something about it makes the Irish in me hum

If I need a lift, or if I'm feeling blue

Thumpin' on the bodhran is the thing that gets me through


I had just one lesson and I'll give it now to you

When you go home you can give it a try too

If you're in and apartment, there can be no doubt

The best time to practice is when your neighbor's out


Hold the stick like a pencil and start real slow

One beat at a time til you get in to the flow

Bring it back up toward you and keep flexing your wrist

after awhile you are sure to get the gist


And you're playing the bodhran, a simple celtic drum

Something about it makes the happy in you hum

If you need a lift, or if you're feeling blue

Thumpin' on the bodhran is the thing that you should do


As you keep playing, the back end soon will hit

By accident at first, it's an unplanned triplet

If you don't mind my saying, you might make it a goal

To get that random hitting under your control


Maybe to show off a bit or as an afterthought

You might want to throw in what I call a rim shot

You might play a jig, or you might crank out a reel

Up, down, sideways, or makin' a pinwheel


And you're rockin' the bodhran, a simple celtic drum

Something about it is an awful lot of fun

You'll amaze your friends, and your family too

Thumpin' on the bodhran - cheaper than therapy! - it's true


Here'a a moment to show you now by turning round

You can raise up the pitch, or bring the pitch back down

Hold on to the cross bars and push it in and out

And if your drum gets dry apply a thimble full of stout


That may seem like a waste - so much left of the brew

What happpens to the rest of it, I'll leave that up to you

Now this lesson is over and so then is this tune

Go get yourself a bodhran, or a big and a spoon


And you'll play the bodhran, a simple celtic drum

Something about it makes your ancestors hum

If you need a lift, or if you're feeling blue

Thumpin' on the bodhran is the thing that you should do




11. "Comin' Home"


Driving home in the afternoon

Is like a balm on my heart

Like singing hymns in an empty room

Fills me up when we're apart


And I'm comin' home to you

Hitch my soul to a star

Turn up the music; I'll fly away there

My home is where you are


I know the end of the yellow lines

Will somehow lead to you

Like mountains lead to a river route

There's nothing else I can do


I'm in no hurry to travel today

I am enjoying the pace

As I get closer, I just like knowing

That you're at the end of the race


Another day on a carpet ride

I follow as it unfolds

My thoughts of you are by my side

Until the end of this road


When I'm comin' home

Comin' home, comin' home

Turn up the music, I'll fly away there

My home home is where you are




12. "Walk the Walk"


Oh I look at all the years gone by

And like a flock of birds just waiting to fly

There's so many things I'd like to try


I guess I better get going before I start peaking

There's a limit to how long you want to be streaking

If I think too much, I'll just start freaking


Hey, hey, just walk the walk, talk the talk

And put your crazy thoughts away


When I wake up to a busy day

So many things to do and bills to pay

Between the meetings and kids soccer games


If I drive too fast I'll just make it

Plan it or fax it or ax it or bake it

I'm not prepared, I'll have to fake it (ch)


When my mind starts to whirl around

And I don't know which way is up or down

I say,"come back mind, sit, heal, stay

Chasing your tail around won't make it all go away"


I take a breath and look around

I straighten up and don't look down

Then the things I missed I find I've found


Sunshine on the cold dark places

A smile on my children's faces

I almost missed a big oasis

Hey, hey, just walk the walk, talk the talk

And put your crazy thoughts away




13. "I Got, You Got"



I've seen your house, it's brick with black shutters

And laced with green ivy vines

I passed a playground and ten little feet

A pale grey Mercedes parked on the street

I've seen it from time to time


A big sherpherd eyes me through the back fence

I'd like to have a dog

Your mother plays hymns on the grand piano

Floating so heavenly out the window

I've heard her from time to time


And what do I have, what have I got

What have I got, says I

What I have got is not what you've got

And you not what I've got, says I


I gaze on your lawn, I see your dog yawn

You must like to garden, says I

The roses are blooming and stifling an urge

I dully surmise they somehow are yours

While all I have most of's just mine(ch.)


I look in the paper, I see in the news

that you passed on yesterday

I'm sorry for anything wrong that I've said

But mostly I'm sorry I took for granted

What you have not got - now




14. "Shadow"


We all have a shadow, must yours follow me

Seems I know where I go that shadow will be

I close my eyes, I block the sun

I call the clouds, I walk, I run


I see new faces, but they fall

In your shadow


I beg your memory to let me go

With what kind of needle did you sew

I await the day I'll break free

What stubborn thread binds you to me


I see new faces, but they fall

In your shadow


Where there's smoke, there is fire

But where  your figure falls

There is only my desire

Cast against another wall


We all have a shadow, must yours follow me

Seems I know where I go, that shadow will be

I turn away, I pray for noon

I live for the night there's a new moon

I see new faces, but they fall

In your shadow




15. "If You Don't Listen"


If you don't listen to your heart's desire

If you don't light the match you can't start the fire

If you don't ask the question, you don't know the answer

If you don't hit the floor, you can't be the dancer


If you know you're denying what is true

And you're tired of the back seat point of view

It's time to set your wheels in motion


Don't bail at the border, don't wait at the gate

Don't think about what could go wrong

Baby just roll on


If you're outside the picture looking in

Time to pick up a paint brush and begin

Fill the world with luminous oceans

Don't wade in the water, don't wait for a wave

Don't be afraid to sink or swim, baby just dive in


You don't know the answer,

If you don't hit the floor you can't be the dancer


If you take a step you go higher

Got to get on board to be flyer

Can't wing your way on only a notion (ch.)




16. "Little Stars"


Don't we love the stars on a screen at night

They distract us from the wars we fight

If we could take them from the sky

And put them in a jar they'd surely die


Little stars in our eyes

Our hellos, our good-byes

Can't tell us how, can't tell us why

We all live and laugh and cry

Like little stars


I sit and stare, it's sweet relief

Hoping to find some sense of peace

When I reach out, I'm afraid I'll fall

I can't quite see through the next brick wall, because of (ch.)


Something that's inside of me is screaming at eternity

It moves me forward like a train

Through lessons I must learn through pain


Careful what you wish for, it may come true

And when your wish is staring back at you

It may not seem worthy, it may seem right

If you see it in the dark instead of the light...of (ch.)






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