Debi Smith - If I Were an Angel       Holiday CD w/ orchestra (2014)


The Debi Smith Discography

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Debi Smith - Hits and Holidays




Before we talk discs, here’s Debi’s book... and there is also an accompanying CD (2012):  


Debi’s Book:

Look Up At The Hawks
and the Universe Overhead
A collaboration of three Generations (2012)



 And p.s., there's one other book Debi's work is included in called Life's a Stitch on Random House:


 The Four Bitchin' Babes | Mid Life Vices

Four Bitchin' Babes

Midlife Vices (2012)


Four Bitchin' Babes

"Diva Nation" (2009)

Debi Smith

The Soprano (2007)

Four Bitchin' Babes - Hormonal Imbalance - a Mood Swinging Musical Review (2006)

Debi Smith - Cupid (2004)

Four Bitchin' Babes (Shanachie)  (2002)           Some Assembly Required

Debi Smith (Shanachie)  Red Bird Red (2001)

  Four Bitchin' Babes                          Beyond Bitchin' (Shanachie) (2000)

Debi Smith (Shanachie)           More Than Once (1998)

Four Bitchin' Babes --Gabby Road (Shanachie CD 8028 1997)


Four Bitchin' Babes --Fax It! Charge It! Don't Ask Me What's For Dinner! (Shanachie CD 8018 1995)(Shanachie CD 8018 1995)

Debi Smith

In My Dreams (Amerisound 1994)

Four Bitchin' Babes    Meet the Babes Live in Concert (Shanachie DVD 2000)  

The Smith Sisters  - A Canary's Song (Flying Fish CD FF70616 1993)


The Smith Sisters - I See The Moon (American  Melody 1991)


The Smith Sisters --Roadrunner 
(Flying Fish CD FF70496 1989)

The Smith Sisters -- Mockingbird 
(Flying Fish LP FF370 1986 -- No CD release to date) 

The Smith Sisters -- Bluebird 
(Flying Fish LP FF328 1984 -- No CD release to date)


Debi Smith Appearances & Contributions

Grace (1996) -

Grace Griffith
By: Grace Griffith
Credited Role:Bodhran
(Shanachie CD 8037 2001)

Midsummer Moon (1995) -Al Petteway
By: Al Petteway
Credited Role:Bodhran

Return to Summer Lake(2000) - Steven Gellman
By: Steven Gellman
Credited Role:Harmony Vocals

Something Special (2000) - Shaw Brothers
By: Shaw Brothers
Credited Role: Vocals

Waters and the Wild (1993) - Al Petteway
Credited Role: Bodhran

Looking out the Fishbowl (1999) - Eddie from Ohio  By: Eddie From Ohio
Credited Role: Bodhran

Woman's Gotta Do Her Thing(2004) - Sally Fingerett
By: Sally Fingerett
Credited Role:Vocals (Background)/B>

Voice on the Wind (1997) - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
By: Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Credited Role:Harmony Vocals

Various Artists -- American Melody Sampler 
(Sony/American Melody CD 5501 1994; The Smith Sisters vocals) 


Various Artists -- 
Big League Babe -- The Christine Lavin Tribute Album Part 2 
(PrimeCD 1998)Debi Smith -- Regretting What I Said [A Musical Apology] 

Various Artists --

Chickens in the Garden 
(American Melody AM-C-107 -- Cassette only; 
The Smith Sisters harmony vocals ) 

Various Artists --

Folk Song Christmas 
(American Melody CD 5120 2001; Debi Smith vocals) 

Various Artists --

The Juniper Tree
(American Melody AM-C-115 1991 -- Cassette only; Debi Smith vocals)  

Various Artists -- Laugh Tracks Vol. 2 
(Shanachie CD 8523 1996)Debi Smith -- On The Bodhran, The Hags And Irish Pizza/Sleep 

Various Artists --

One Wide River 
(American Melody AM-C-105 1991 -- Cassette only; 
The Smith Sisters vocals) 


Various Artists --

Tribute to a Legend
The Merle Watson Memorial Festival 1988
The Smith Sisters appear in this privately produced VHS video

Cheryl Wheeler --

Driving Home 
(Filo Records; Debi Smith Dulcimer.  Also features Alison Krauss.)


Various Artists --                      
Just One Angel --              

Christine Lavin (Yellowtail CD 2011)

Debi Smith -- From the Hills





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"Hits & Holidays"

Debi's greatest hits featuring Doc Watson, Tom Paxton, The Smith Sisters, Mark O'Connor, Al Petteway, Marcy Marxer and more! Available on & ITunes

"Blue Mockingbird" by The Smith Sisters

Vintage Smith Sisters recordings!  Available for download on CDBaby.

Look Up at The Hawks

Look Up at the Hawks, Debi's book featured on PBS television and NPR's "All Things Considered," is a collaboration of three generations -- her grandmother Ruth Morgan Smith (1894-1978), mother Vivian Douglas Smith, and Debi. Book:  $11.99

Look Up at the Hawks - Book

"Look Up at the Hawks" accompanying CD of songs inspired by Ruth Morgan Smith's life and writings. $9.99

Look Up at the Hawks - CD

Debi's son Lee and his art: ARTISM

Debi's son Lee Jaworek is a talented young man with autism, who calls his art, "Artism."  To learn about Lee and his art, visit

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