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Debi's new CD DEEP TRACKS features new original songs, along with tracks from special projects never released by Debi, and a few cool tracks DEEPly buried on past CDs.  The CD will be released soon, and if you pre-order you will receive the first copies, all signed by Debi.

Cover "Portrait of Debi" by Lee Jaworek.   Lee's website:

Songs include:  "Different," a song inspired by the fact that great minds think differently; "Grandmother's Diary," inspired by Debi's Nebraskan Grandmother's dustbowl diary; "Caverns" about an un-beckoned memory; "The Garden," a healing meditation; "Gone, Gone," dedicated to the memory of Doc and Merle Watson with a with inspiration from the Roches; "Comin' Home," about a drive home from touring;  "The Bodhran Lesson Song," Debi's personal Bodhran history, complete with lesson; "I Got You Got" early The Smith Sisters; "Little Stars," live recordings, and more!




"Hits & Holidays"

Debi's greatest hits featuring Doc Watson, Tom Paxton, The Smith Sisters, Mark O'Connor, Al Petteway, Marcy Marxer and more! Available on & ITunes

"Blue Mockingbird" by The Smith Sisters

Vintage Smith Sisters recordings!  Available for download on CDBaby.

Look Up at The Hawks

Look Up at the Hawks, Debi's book featured on PBS television and NPR's "All Things Considered," is a collaboration of three generations -- her grandmother Ruth Morgan Smith (1894-1978), mother Vivian Douglas Smith, and Debi. Book:  $11.99

Look Up at the Hawks - Book

"Look Up at the Hawks" accompanying CD of songs inspired by Ruth Morgan Smith's life and writings. $9.99

Look Up at the Hawks - CD

Debi's son Lee and his art: ARTISM

Debi's son Lee Jaworek is a talented young man with autism, who calls his art, "Artism."  To learn about Lee and his art, visit

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