Debi Smith / The Smith Sisters

The Smith Sisters


Photo by John Kirchner

From "All Music Guide": 

"The Smith Sisters attracted attention when their debut album, Bluebird, released in 1984, was produced by the late Merle Watson and featured guest appearances by top-ranked bluegrass pickers including Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Doc Watson, and T. Michael Coleman. But it was their octave-spanning vocal harmonies that truly showcased their musical strengths... Debi Smith and her younger sister Megan reflected country warmth and harmonious texture as The Smith Sisters. Debi, who has been a member of Four Bitchin' Babes since 1994, is equally skilled at acoustic guitar, bodhran, and piano, possessor of a three-octave vocal range, and wrote many of the duo's songs. Megan anchored the arrangements on electric bass and sang harmonies that blended naturally with her sister. The Smith Sisters issued five albums in the '80s and '90s, the aforementioned Bluebird in 1984 followed by Mockingbird (1986), Roadrunner (1989), I See the Moon (1991), and A Canary's Song (1993)."


Early Smith Sisters:

From an ad in the NACA program:"ordinary name, extraordinary sisters."  Photo by Gary Garrison


Photo by Garry Garrison

Merle Watson festival with Debi's son (now 26)


Photo by Gary Garrison

"Canary's Song" photo shoot. By Richard K. Robinson