Hits and Holidays: CD
  • Hits and Holidays: CD
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Hits and Holidays is a collection of re-mixed, re-sung and/or re-mastered audience favorites in a variety of musical stylings. Each of the songs is paired with various holidays throughout the year... a holiday for every hit! The CD features a duet with Tom Paxton on a song they wrote together (Marry Me Again); and includes guest appearances by Doc Watson (Pie, Keep on the Sunny Side), Mike Auldridge (Pampa Texas, Cupid), Al Petteway (Pampa Texas, Mother's Hands, Haunted, Angel in My Arms), Mark O'Connor (The Traveler, Sunny Side), three of the Four Bitchin' Babes (Pass it On) and The Smith Sisters (The Traveler, Sunny Side). The bottom line: Whether it’s a holiday or not, Smith’s latest album is a hit. "  - Nancy Dunham (Folking.com, No Depression Magazine)   "Debi has a seriously great voice; it has depth, power, clarity, and chutzpah. No wonder she’s both a beloved solo performer and a mainstay of Four Bitchin’ Babes and The Smith Sisters. If you’ve any doubt about how good she really is, listen to her out-muscle a string orchestra on “O Holy Night.” We’re talking diva territory on that one. -Rob Weir

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